Media Institutions

Department of Media and Communication, IUE


Due date
December 28, 2012

Context of the assignment
For this assignment you are supposed to follow a news story from at least three different media sources. You can follow the story from televison, newspaper, magazine, online journal, radio, blog or social media.  You are expected to compare and contrast the ways the story is covered in these different media sources.  A proposed structure for your assignment is as follows:

  • A summary of the news story written in your own words.
  • The list of the media sources you have followed the story including references and links.
  • Comparison of the contents in different coverages of the story.  You are expected to focus on the various aspects of the story being highlighted. You may criticize the structure of language used in the text or you may comment on the length, timing, and the graphical positioning of the story in that particular medium.
  • Discussion of the implications of your analysis based on inter-media comparison. Link your arguments to the discussions in class about the structural differences between media institutions like private vs. public service broadcasting, old media vs. new media, interests of media conglomerates, degree of relying upon advertisements as a source of income.

Font: Times New Roman
Font size: 11
Line spacing: 1,5
Length: At least two, at most three A4 pages.
Do not forget to include your name and student ID number in your paper.
Your assignments will be delivered in hard copy format.



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